About Us

The Green Grocery is very proud of its cottage industry credentials.

           Flag of County Durham

Based in Bishop Auckland, County Durham, each batch production is small, reducing waste energy and waste materials. The development of each product is handmade, hand poured, hand stirred and personally (not mechanically) checked and loved.

We love organic and ensure that each of our suppliers is registered organic therefore ensuring all our ingredients are pesticide, G.M. and antibiotic free. Some of the product photos show labels with Organic Farmers & Growers certified logos. Due to costs we are no longer a certified 'Organic' company, however we still follow their principles and our labels show which ingredients are Organic, many of our products are 100% Organic, and all our products are fully traceable back to the supplier of the ingredients.

We do not test on animals and have never tested on animals.

We only use raw ingredient suppliers that have a strict no testing on animals policy.

We value water. We at The Green Grocery follow the view that water is to be protected. What water the planet has today, it had thousands of years ago, and an ever growing world population is increasing demand. Beauty products should not increase demand. We do not use water in our products. And we use as little water as possible during production.

Established in 2009, all our recipes are unique and have been continually developed over the years. Hours of research are invested in maintaining high quality ingredients, with good scientific and historical research. The blending of ingredients uses traditional preparation techniques allowing the oils to infuse with the herbs and essential oils that have been added. This provides a very pure and high quality base to the product.

No chemicals allowed. The true quality of our products is in their foundations. With a ‘No chemicals!’ added policy you can apply the The Green Grocery products in the knowledge that you are not absorbing unknown chemicals into your body. Since the Second World War chemical ingredients have been added to our beauty products to increase productivity, increase shelf life and reduce costs. The research conducted on many of these man-made chemicals has been limited. Our products follow hundreds of years of research into the application of oils, essential oils and herbal infusions to the body.

The skin is the biggest organ of our bodies, love your body. Love Organic!